What Is Web 2.0
Subject:   Regarding implementing Web 2.0
Date:   2007-07-23 03:51:37
From:   Rahul.Pareek
Hi Tim,

This is rahul. I want to implement web 2.0 in my preexisting, asp based web site. Can you implement web 2.0 on an asp driven website or I have to migrate to higher version like .net. What are the main features of an web 2.0 implemented site???

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  • Regarding implementing Web 2.0
    2007-09-22 00:08:49  Mirai_Solutions_Phil [View]

    ASP is much like PHP and is perfectly capable of generating dynamic content for a Web 2.0 website. To be a Web 2.0 website, the content on your website must be "live", meaning the content is always changing based upon user interaction or other data changes. You will likely need to implement a database and connect to that data source to provide the dynamic content. There are many examples and tutorials out there to help you learn how to connect to different database types. The simple place to start might possibly be at
    Phil Kanaby