DHCP on a Multi-Segment Network
Subject:   How to specify a gateway in host-specific paramters
Date:   2007-07-06 22:33:38
From:   mvelu

I have a scenario.

I have a LAN with two gateways. A WAN Router and a Firewall. I have configured the DHCP in such a way that my WAN router is the default gateway (option router). Few specific clients, I am specifying the IP through reservation through MAC address. for these reservations,I want to give my firewall as the default gateway.

My query is now is there a option available in the host specific parameters to mention the default gateway over-riding the global configuration.

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  • Dru Lavigne photo How to specify a gateway in host-specific paramters
    2007-07-08 17:17:34  Dru Lavigne | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Have you tried "supersede option router value" in dhclient.conf?