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  Review: Olympus DS-2 Stereo Voice Recorder
Subject:   How long does data transfer take?
Date:   2007-07-02 17:16:27
From:   bcummings
How long does it take to transfer 60 minutes of recording in wma format on to a computer?

My wife is a therapist and upon request from her clients records their sessions on cassette tape. She would like to switch to CD recordings but only has a few minutes between clients to burn a CD. (Mailing their CD's will not work in this case.) I purchased an earlier olympus recorder for her to use in this way but the data transfer rate into our PC was way to slow.

Thanks for your help,
Brian Cummings

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  • David Battino photo How long does data transfer take?
    2007-07-02 20:56:07  David Battino | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    @Brian: The transfer time will depend on the amount of data compression you use, because that determines the file size. But with only a few minutes between clients, I think she'd do better with a dedicated CD recorder. See http://www.google.com/products?q=cd+recorder. Be sure to get one that uses normal CD-R discs, not the expensive audio type.
  • How long does data transfer take?
    2007-07-02 17:48:24  bcummings [View]

    I just had another thought... would it be possible to sync the DS-2 with Windows Media Player? That would allowing burning to CD in just one step.
    • David Battino photo How long does data transfer take?
      2007-07-02 21:05:03  David Battino | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

      Depends what you mean by sync. The DS-2 does work as a USB mic, so you could plug it into a computer and record into a program there. But I'd recommend a dedicated USB mic instead if you went that route. Sound Professionals sells a variety: