Writing Filters for Apache 2.0
Subject:   New Apache module
Date:   2002-08-24 04:43:21
From:   frouni
I'm writing a new module in C that
communicates with a mysql database and grab geographic data according to the
webclient's IP address. for the moment all the functions are in php code but
my goal is to make these functions available and easy to use whatever the
Imagine that you write a new apache module and you implement a function that
returns geographic data (city, latitude, longitude...) of the current user. the goal is to make this
function profitable for users who pragram in php, asp, perl or java by using
something like "HTTP_LOCATION", "HTTP_CITY" headers

Or for users who build simple html
websites by using something like <LOCATION> or <CITY IP""> in
thier html code.

any help please ?


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  • New Apache module
    2006-01-16 18:56:03  viswa_pm [View]

    Dear Frouni,
    This is viswa. Am also planning to do the same But my request is some what different. My module is running in Server A. and my Apache is running on Server B. when the webclient connects to Server B then my Apachi shoud connnect to Server A ( at this point the web client IPaddress should pass to Server A).Then my Server A will return the country name to Server B. I need to check that country name if the country name is INDIA then i should allow to view the my web page. Otherwise i should display the error ?
    Any help please ?