How to Build Simple Console Apps with Ruby and ActiveRecord
Subject:   Scaffolding support from newgem
Date:   2007-06-23 23:05:13
From:   drnicwilliams
I think could include some nice ActiveRecord+migration scaffolding support to make DB access easier.

If you could get all the same benefits from a RubyGem structure (/lib,/test, etc) as you do from Rails, you'll be less tempted to create a Rails app just to access the database via ActiveRecords.

I'll look into it.

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  • Gregory Brown photo Scaffolding support from newgem
    2007-06-24 07:10:40  Gregory Brown | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Yeah, it's someone domain specific, but Ruport handles this kind of stuff[0], too.

    $ rope my_project

    Then you edit config/environment.rb which contains the establish_connection call.


    $ util/build model my_model

    You can include your models in any report via
    require "data/models"

    When you generate reports or renderers, the tests are scaffolded for you.

    Again, it's geared towards Ruport, but it comes in handy for some things. :)

    If you get newgem to do some of this stuff, let us know!