Enabling Peer-to-Peer BitTorrent Downloads with Azureus
Subject:   Peer to Peer?
Date:   2007-06-23 00:43:24
From:   TomPotts
Nice article but surely 'Peer to Peer' is really a one to one thing and the advantages of BitTorrent will be completely lost as only one client will ever be downloading so no other hosts will build up?
Be careful what you use it for!!
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  • Peer to Peer?
    2007-07-05 00:05:35  R.Govoni [View]

    Good article!
    IMHO, having only a few clients in the swarm is not really a problem, since the initial seeder will then be able to handle 'direct downloads' otherwise impossible with a greater swarm.
    You should try to balance between direct downloads (when there are few clients) and p2p downloads when the clients number arise.

    I think there's another sort of problem: in order to keep the swarm healthy, you need to keep as many clients connected as possible. How do you achieve this? The user may not want to keep a data connection open (and waste bandwidth for other users) once the update is finished, especially if we're dealing with a desktop application and not a networked one (such as World of Warcraft). I would not advise keeping the seeder active even when the update is finished, otherwise the user will suspect of having some sort of spyware installed in its system.