In Praise of Pic
Subject:   Not working for me
Date:   2007-06-22 13:37:30
From:   MatthewDoar
I ran the examples you gave, and the .ps file looks ok but ps2epsi claims that the page is blank, and gs shows nothing. Perhaps the .pic file has to be embedded in a troff file? There's no troubleshooting section in the documents you referenced.
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  • Not working for me
    2007-07-16 05:56:23 [View]

    I expect troff's idea of you paper size and ps2epsi's don't agree.

    Insert ".sp 2i" at the start of the file before ".PS" to insert two inches of space, forcing the diagram down the page into the visible area they both agree on.
  • Not working for me
    2007-07-10 14:54:46  LakerNetman [View]

    Try running dos2unix on the example file and see if that fixes it.
    If you created the example file on a windows box and copied it over to linux you'll get the symptoms you're seeing because the end-of-line terminators are different between the OSes.

  • Philipp Janert photo Not working for me
    2007-06-22 20:27:09  Philipp Janert | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    That's very strange. I just tried it again - the very first "Hello"-box example. No problem.

    Step 1) Put this in a file called hello.pic
    box "Hello"

    Step 2) Run this line:
    pic hello.pic | groff >

    Note that the picture is small - at the very top of the page. Since gv will center the displayed page, you may have to scroll to view the box. (Or try a different viewer, eg. display from ImageMagick.)