Integrating Tomcat with Apache Via the mod_jk Module
Subject:   apxs error when building mod_jk
Date:   2002-08-23 11:56:35
From:   bmwood
Dear Chad,

What a great article! I was ready to give up on getting Apache and Tomcat cooperating, but was thrilled to come across your recent contribution. This morning I was able to follow the directions of the previous article on Installing Tomcat on OS X, and that worked great. Right now I am following your article to get Tomcat and Apache talking, and I have hit a problem. After setting up, I execute the script, and the build begins, but then I receive the following error:

apxs:Break: Command failed with rc=16777215
Error with apxs

I have installed Tomcat version 4.1.2 (as included with the JWSDP download), and I am running Apache 1.3.26 on Mac OS 10.1.4 server.

I am unsure what is causing this error, and I have looked at several lists and the Jakarta web page for help. Several posts have been made concerning this error (in reference to building other apache modules as well as mod_jk), but I was unable to find any replies or solutions; and nothing specific to Mac OS X. Looking at the Jakarta web page, I read that in order to build mod_jk, I need to make sure my Apache installation has DSO support. We do not have mod_so.c installed. Could this be the problem? And if so, do I need to re-install apache :( to get this running? Could the problem be with the version of Tomcat I am running?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your timely article!

Brian Wood

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  • apxs error when building mod_jk
    2002-08-26 20:48:58  cothomps [View]


    I am guessing that you might be having problems with module support in your custom installation. If you take a look at the manual page ('man apxs'), you'll see the following:

    So to use this extension mechanism, your platform has to support the DSO feature and your Apache httpd binary has to be built with the mod_so module. The apxs tool automatically complains if this is not the case.

    If you are using the Apache that comes bundled, you might have other problems (on OS X 10.1, at least, module support is already compiled for you). However, if you did a custom build, you might need to recompile with module support, unfortunately....

    I recommended to another reader that they try to install another module as well, just to be sure that it is the module support that is failing.

    Best of luck,