Lightroom vs Aperture - The Results
Subject:   Lightroom handling of RAW/Jpeg images
Date:   2007-06-10 08:13:38
From:   bendee
I've been using LR for a few weeks and have been puzzled by the way LR handles those images I capture with RAW and Jpeg saved for the same image. I usually do this so that I can immediately send the Jpeg off to someone, while I decide what I'm going to do with the RAW image. I can't find those Jpegs in LR even though they're recorded as a separate file in Finder and even in Bridge. All LR shows is the RAW images. Those images don't even show up in the LR folders, and the image numbers exactly add up to only the RAW images. On the other hand, if I only capture Jpeg, then LR shows this image and does so as a Jpeg. Any explanation?
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  • Lightroom handling of RAW/Jpeg images
    2007-06-10 08:40:10  michaelclarkphoto [View]

    I'd suggest separating the Jpegs into another folder before importing into Lightroom - that way everything stays separated and isn't confusing. Don't know why Lightroom isn't importing your Jpegs with the RAWs - maybe check your preferences.