Fun with Xorg
Subject: 7.2 update
Date:   2007-05-27 12:54:55
From:   kgish
With the recent xorg 7.2 update, some parts of this article need to be revised to reflect the chances, e.g. the new directory structure, the fact that xorg.conf has been moved to /usr/local, etc.
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  • 7.2 update
    2007-06-04 11:45:14  dbuckhal [View]

    Is there an alternative to glxinfo included with 7.2?
    Also, my 3dfx Voodoo5500 graphic performance has decreased. Are there any tweaks for 3dfx Glide in 7.2? I have the dri and driglide packages installed, as they were in Xorg 6.x.