An Introduction to Haskell, Part 1: Why Haskell
Subject:   regex
Date:   2007-05-26 01:45:03
From:   pipping
'^(NYC?|New York( City)?)$'

is better written as

'^N(YC?|ew York( City)?)$'

or even

'^(?=N)(NYC?|New York( City)?)$'

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    2007-05-26 02:04:01  pipping [View]

    that came out wrong. i meant to say 'the above regex could be written differently, possibly resulting in optimization - forced optimization in the latter case, which might even be bad if the optimization is already present. however, '^N(YC?|ew York( City)?)$' will in any case be at least as fast as the original regex, the only downside could be decreased readability'

    kind regards!