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  ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Does CFMX end up in user CFMX/Public/Drop Box?
Date:   2002-08-22 18:18:38
From:   dicklacara
Response to: Does CFMX end up in user CFMX/Public/Drop Box?

If you followed the procedure, the:

/Users/cfmx/Public/Drop Box

contains the Trial download and the compressed archive containing the entire Linux installation (hundreds of directories and files)

You can see for yourself by going there in the Finder or entering the following into a Terminal window:

ls -l /Users/cfmx/Public/Drop\ Box

(the backslash escapes the blank character, so the path name will be correctly interpreted)

Now, when we expand this archive (at the root file level), it automatically creates a mirror image of the directory structure we created when we installed on linux -- it was installed in /opt.

/opt is a directory that typically is used to hold system-type software that is not part of the Unix distribution

Apple uses /Applications in a similar manner to hold Application programs that are available to any user who logs on the system

CFMX is not aware of the OS X tie-in between programs in /Applications and user files (created by the programs) stored in the users Documents directory.

I chose to follow the convention used by CFMX on Linux.


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  • Does CFMX end up in user CFMX/Public/Drop Box?
    2002-08-23 06:24:47  loganwatts [View]

    Thanks...Sorry, I am new to server software structure. So, if you wanted to delete the CFMX files would you just navigate the finder to:

    /Users/cfmx/Public/Drop Box

    and delete all of these files? What about the mirror in the 'root file level'?

    • Does CFMX end up in user CFMX/Public/Drop Box?
      2002-08-23 07:25:00  dicklacara [View]

      Again, if you followed directions, there should be only 2 files in /Users/cfmx/Public/Drop Box:

      cfmxdnld.bin 115 MB
      cfmxinst.bin 100 MB

      These are the compressed files. You can delete them , once you have a successful install (see below).

      If you have hundreds of subdirectories and files in /Users/cfmx/Public/Drop Box, then you made a mistake in the install procedure -- you decompressed the cfmxinst.bin file to the wrong place. (pretty easy to fix)

      Delete the folder labeled opt within /Users/cfmx/Public/Drop Box.

      Resume the installation procedure at Page 10, Install ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X.

      Take care to do step 3 -- this will cause the opt folder to be created at the root file level (your hard disk) rather than within /Users/cfmx/Public/Drop Box.

      If you still have problems, email me directly!