Rethinking the Linux Distribution
Subject:   Unix Shells without backgrounding?!
Date:   2007-05-12 05:16:33
From:   Paddy3118
As much as I like Python, I can't see any replacement Unix shell catching on if you can't create and control background processes. So if you can't do it in Ipython then Ipython as a shell to replace for example Bash will not work in too many cases.

- Paddy.

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  • Unix Shells without backgrounding?!
    2007-05-15 11:18:33  simon_hibbs [View]

    Here's a roadmap:

    1. Move to a more advanced shell and init script environment. Pyhon for init scripts sounds cool, especialy if it can implement some of the advanced process/service management features in Solaris 10. IPython is great stuff but Microsoft have a real headstart on this with PowerShell. This kind of approach is deffinitely the way to go and later can be transitioned to...

    2. Software Virtual Machines such as the JVM, Mono/.NET or even Parrot. These need to mature further before they conquer the universe, but they're getting there. They can be embedded in browsers as Java FX and Silverlight show but soon we'll see.....

    3. Browsers implemented in Software VMs such as Mono or the JVM that can execute web-based code as native extensions leading eventualy to...

    4. Fully virtualised application environments taking advantage of hypervisor technology to host software VMs, or even hybrid hardware and software VM technology. Imagine something like Mono running as a kernel module with built-in hypervisor support. Now wer're moving beyond my humble abilities as a prognosticator.
  • Unix Shells without backgrounding?!
    2007-05-12 15:44:38  georgebelotsky [View]

    Job control is definitely useful. It should be possible to add it to IPython. Here is a module that may already do what you want.