Top 7 Things System Administrators Forget to Do
Subject:   Number 7....
Date:   2007-05-05 06:23:36
From:   heynorton
Response to: Number 7....

This is to "moonsovermyspammy"

You said:
"You hired me to be a Systems Adminstrator, not a furniture mover. Isn't there a guy from maintenace or facilities better suited for this task?"

Did you not notice, that, in the example, the CTO (you know, an executive.. probably paid a lot more than you, and far more important to the company as a whole) was also trying to move the table?

Your ATTITUDE is why you don't advance, and nobody likes you. You are supposed to have a "Can-do" attitude, not a "That's someone elses job" attitude. People help each other. Thats your only job.

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    2007-05-08 09:35:18  chm0dvii [View]

    Uhh, if they are getting paid a lot more, then they should be trying to move the table first. It's funny how the further you move up in management, the less real work you are expected to do. Why is it that everyone automatically assumes IT people are custodians/furniture movers/blue collar workers? I guarantee you that the same CTO would not ask an "accountant" or other white collar employees to do this same task. You know what their answer would be? "Oh, they have too many other important things to do" Ohhh, but not the underpaid, overqualified, IT guys! IT guys are always singled out for this kind of manual labor! We are the some of the smartest people in the company, white collar employees, just like everyone else, but get treated like blue collar construction workers, and still expected to know everything and be nice to everyone else, when the same courtesy is not shown toward us.
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      2007-05-08 17:53:46  stinkingpig [View]

      Because IT people in general are moving down the social ladder, and desktop support in particular has already hit the penultimate rung on the way down (right above janitors and campus security). Don't believe me? Look at job security and office location. If you're in a windowless basement, windowless building core, or windowsless attic, raise your hand (if the RSI still allows that). If you fill in an timecard or are paid hourly, raise your hand. If you have more than four people between you and the CEO, raise your hand.
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    2007-05-08 09:41:30  chm0dvii [View]

    Also, I seriously doubt that the CTO is far more important to the company. The CTO can take off of work for weeks at a time and the company would run fine. If an IT guy takes off one day the company practically shuts down. So you are incorrect to say the CTO is far more important. That is the kind of attitude that brings down the moral in companies.
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    2007-05-09 11:39:35  mindmerge [View]

    CTO is more important my a$$.

    Each component in a machine/system is equally important to keep the whole working properly.

    Some components may seem less useful, but as a whole none can be dismissed.

    Your reasoning is flawed... this ignorance can be attributed to many things.... business... politics... television... etc...