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  Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   Video display during audio playback
Date:   2007-04-23 17:19:13
From:   Bill4444
I have the iPod video and can display photos fine on the TV and play songs through my stereo. What I would like to be able to do is: when playing songs through the stereo, to be able to show on the TV what is displayed on the iPod screen (album art, song title, artist, etc.). Can this be done? If so how? Thanks for any help.
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  • Video display during audio playback
    2007-04-26 10:46:08  Bill4444 [View]

    The first time I tried it did not work. I have not had a chance to play with other settings. If anyone has ever done this successfully, I would be glad to know it is at least possible.
  • Video display during audio playback
    2007-04-25 10:14:12  AvC [View]


    I think it doesn't matter since the output source is the same, video and audio will be in sync.

    I would think you can easily, with a long enough cable, connect the video output to the TV (one signal) and connect the remaining audio cables to your audio output (L/R). Select the input source on your TV as well as on the stereo.

    Theoretically, it should work without any problems!

    (Great forum)
    • Video display during audio playback
      2007-04-26 15:27:56  djramseyer [View]


      I don't think you're getting the question because this is something I too have being trying to figure out for a year.

      iPod apparently only outputs videos and photos. Wehn playing music, you don't get to see the song or album artwork on the TV.

      Bill - goo dluck figuring this one out but all I've found is the option to buy a new enhanced dock that does just this. DOn't know what it costs but I do know it's not free. Blah...