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  A New Visualization for Web Server Logs
Subject:   Nice Article
Date:   2007-04-13 15:13:07
From:   jamonapi
I agree that better visualization tools should be made available. Most just use the same tired pie charts and bar charts.

I see you posted an example of adding color to show an extra dimension of http status code. That makes 4 dimensions. An interesting 5th dimension would be to have multiple graphics similar to what you havex, but break them up by response time. This would be a 'small visualization'.

For example repeat your graphics for pages that take from 0 to 1 seconds, 2 to 3 seconds, 3 t0 4 seconds, 4 to 5 seconds, 5 to 10 seconds, > 10 seconds (or something similar). Patterns may emerge along this dimension too like 404 errors during long page executions. Or slowness based on time of day.

steve http://www.jamonapi.com

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    2007-04-14 02:00:10  rajuvarghese [View]

    Using different animation frames for the 5th dimension is a good idea. So far, I have used frames for making the 3D structure visible. Of course, one could use one of the other dimensions for the response time. For example, instead of the IP address (y-axis) or the content (z-axis) one could use the response time.

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      2007-04-14 10:47:11  jamonapi [View]

      I am just wondering how you could go beyond 4 dimensions with this approach. There may be other ways too.

      Note for those interested there is a follow up article on this approach.