How to Set Up Encrypted Mail on Mac OS X
Subject:   Duplicate Certificates in Keychain
Date:   2007-04-12 06:41:27
From:   jasonedwards
I requested, received and installed the Thawte Certificate as per the instructions of the article. After I exported the certificate from Firefox I imported it to a separate keychain (B). My default login keychain is called (A). Everything seems to work except...

I have 2 certificate in keychain A... although I imported the certificate to keychain B.

Keychain A (defualt) contains:
1) certificate
2) Thawte Personal Freemail Issuing CA expires 2013

Keychain B (the one I imported cert to) contains:
1) certificate (duplicate from A)
2) Thawte Personal Freemail Issuing CA expires 2013 (duplicate from A)
3) Thawte Personal Freemail CA expires 2020

My questions are...
Why do I have anything in A if I imported the cert to B?
Can I delete the certificates from A?
What are the differences/uses for the 3 different Certificates?

Thanks for the time,


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  • Duplicate Certificates in Keychain
    2007-04-12 07:53:47  jasonedwards [View]

    Ok so I am replying to my own question...

    I think this happened because I sent myself a test message which then imported my public certificate info into my default keychain.

    This brings me to one more question...
    Is it ok to have all your public certificates stored in one keychain and have your private certificate and key stored in another?