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Subject:   Multiple SSL Virtual hosts on same IPA
Date:   2007-04-03 14:47:03
From:   rspence33
This will prolly be a lame question - but I'm not finding success in trying this. I have 1 IP and want to run 2 SSL-enabled apache instances on the server on different ports. I have separated the files for the 2 instances into 2 diff directories - Docroot, start scripts, etc..So I have 2 httpd.conf & ssl.conf files. How can I set up these 2 SSL instances? If anyone can simply send the VirtualHost snippets that would be fantastic.

Thanks very much,
Ray Spence

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  • Multiple SSL Virtual hosts on same IPA
    2007-11-05 06:11:47  brenkate [View]

    Did you find a solution for this? I have the same senario and cannot get it to work.

    Thanks for your input