AJAX: How to Handle Bookmarks and Back Buttons
Subject:   memory footprint
Date:   2007-03-28 06:01:34
From:   pmouawad-at-ubik-ingenierie
Thanks for this great solution.
My question is : Isn't there a problem with the historyStorage size, it will grow indefinitely and slow down the Browser during from JSON/to JSON operations and also occupy a big memory footprint.
Am I missing something ?
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  • memory footprint
    2007-03-29 10:11:09  an00bis [View]

    I use it to store only the URL for the request I'm making. When moving back and forth through history that information will just reload.
    • memory footprint
      2007-04-01 09:19:32  pmouawad-at-ubik-ingenierie [View]

      Yes but with a navigation on an intranet application the this.storageHash field will grow and grow, I displayed the size of the stringified field and I saw it growing indefinitely. Remember that only identical hashes are replaced.
      I implemented a king of FIFOBuffer that I limited to 100 entries to workaround this potential problem.