Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   trouble
Date:   2007-03-28 04:29:02
From:   madhurima
i did the neccessary changes in httpd.conf file as given in and wrote my first cgi program placing it in Sites folder. But when i tried to view my page in safari an error of permission denied is being given. Want some help please...
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  • trouble
    2007-03-28 19:13:52  rubah [View]

    I just had this happen to; you need to chmod your files (as they say on *Nix). In os x, just go find the file in Finder, view it, at the bottom where it says permissions set group and other to "Read Only" instead of "none" (you can set it to Read and Write later if you need to do some PHP or CGI magic)