Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   Seriously... Look at the screenshot people
Date:   2007-03-24 19:05:39
From:   billy901
Is everyone blind? have they been paying attention to the screenshots? If you look carefully at the one that has all the system information displayed, it says that it's running on a PowerPC G3 1.1 Ghz. It's not Mac running on a PC. This is some kind of scam. The guy clearly took a screenshot from his Mac and sent it to his PC to make it look like Mac running on a PC.
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  • Seriously... Look at the screenshot people
    2008-03-22 18:49:02  garethn [View]

    Omg. Just because you can't get it working. You must have a bum .ISO file or something. Btw how are you supposed to get it working if you buy a copy of the OS, you can't use the native CD ROM, and unless you make an .ISO file in Mac OS X and transfer over then you can't do it. And if you could do that then why are you trying to install inside an Emulator?

    It works, the instructions are fine, I did it myself. I even installed natively on my PC

    My PC:
    2.66GHz Intel Celeron D
    80GB IDE HDD

    Insert DVD, press Enter, wait, loads, install. Idiots
  • Seriously... Look at the screenshot people
    2007-11-04 16:52:24  MRCORVETTE [View]

    Note that an emulation does not reflect the true specs of the base unit. The apple os simulates auto on the 3gb/6gb image. My unit works great and has the OS10 VER. 10.4.9 WORKING on the 6gb image on top of VISTA! Thanks, Mike!
  • Seriously... Look at the screenshot people
    2007-08-22 06:37:19  cboxgo [View]

    not a scam... i ran this in emulation mode on my acer laptop and it ran fine. it was just a bit slow. :(
  • Seriously... Look at the screenshot people
    2007-04-06 19:01:26  Josh15 [View]

    This isn't a scam. I ran OSX on my PC too. The computer i put it on had a 1.6Ghz processor but OSX said it was a 600Mhz G4 processor.
  • Seriously... Look at the screenshot people
    2007-03-24 19:42:25  hexium [View]

    No seriously, are you stupid or something? It's an emulator. It's supposed to emulate a G3 or G4 otherwise this specific version of OS-X would not run at all (remember that he's using a PowerPC version, not the x86 version)