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  Rolling with Ruby on Rails Revisited
Subject:   how to open my sql in command prompt window
Date:   2007-03-21 01:44:19
From:   dharanipavuluri
i have installed my sql server 5.0 on my desktop
as u told to aceess my sql from command prompt window, i was not able to do so.i went to c drive there into instantrails---rails_apps--over here u told u to access my sql.in command prompt window to access to my sql whether i need to load mysql into rails_apps since u have shown it tht we need to open under rails_apps.plz suggest me necessary software to run this tutorial whether i need to install any special version of sql or needed to install my sql in any folder of instant rails.i would be thank ful your responce
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  • how to open my sql in command prompt window
    2007-03-21 03:52:02  Bill Walton | [View]


    If you've installed Instant Rails (IR), you already have everything you need. MySQL is included in the package. If you have installed another copy of MySQL, that's OK. You just need to be sure you shut it down before running IR as it will conflict with the copy that gets run when you start up the IR manager. Once you've started IR manager, use I -> Rails Applications -> Open Ruby Console Window to open your command windows. That'll make sure you've got everything in the PATH that you need. You might want to sign up for the Instant Rails mailing list if you're having any problems with it.

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