Lightroom vs Aperture - The Results
Subject:   Interesting observation on speed
Date:   2007-03-15 13:06:04
From:   Bruizer
I enjoyed reading your review. Having been a user of C1 Pro for the past 4 years or so, I felt they are falling way behind in many areas of the RAW interface program and decided to set out and find a new tool. I did a 1 week use of both Aperture (1.5.1) and Lightroom 1.0 to try and decide what applications I would end up using for the next 4 years.

The MAJOR deciding factor is Lightroom was simply a DOG!!! There was no contest (this is on a Power Mac Dual G5 2.0 Ghz/GForce Ultra 6800 DDL Video/4.5 GB RAM). Every action felt like it was on molasses. In short, Lightroom was (and still is) simply too slow for productive use on my machine. This was from waiting several seconds to load images to very slow updates on any adjustments (1-2 seconds).

Aperture, on the other hand, simply glided most of the time. If too many filters are added, it hits a wall but even then is still a good 50% faster than Lightroom on a good day.

And as for the Interfaces. Allot of thought seems have been put into each one, but I found myself fighting the interface a bit more on Lightroom. It might be that I never used ACR so I am simply not used to it at all. The metadata browser was right cool, however, and hope to see in Aperture in the future.

Makes me wonder what the differences are. Could this be as much the camera used (Canon VS Nikon for the review), video card, memory, processor?


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  • Interesting observation on speed
    2007-04-09 07:36:23  gwostrel [View]

    Really odd to read your comments regarding relative speed. I would have said exactly the same thing - but reversed. I have used Lightroom since the first beta and Aperture since its release. Aperture has always been extremely frustrating to use because of the constant "hangs" while it tries to do something. Lightroom, on the other hand, works well even on rather low end gear (eMac 1ghz G4 768ram). My work machines are Macbook Pro 2.16ghz Core2Duo/2gigs ram and Dual 2.0ghz G5/Radeon x1600/3.5g ram. Lighroom and Aperture behave the smae on both. Clearly there are "other" factors here.