Perspectives on the Shared Source Initiative
Subject:   opensource internix
Date:   2007-03-13 19:10:32
From:   antisexy
If there's one major product that would truly benefit the Open Source community and Microsoft both it's Interix. There's a huge amount of Open Source code in it to begin with, and the core Microsoft component... the old Posix subsystem... seems to have been pretty close to jettisoning when Steve Walli and the rest of the Softway Systems mob picked it up and made it real[url][/url]

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  • opensource internix
    2007-03-13 19:47:13  stephenrwalli [View]

    It would be an interesting project to try. I will suggest it as I can. There is a group at that is doing interesting work around Interix, but that's obviously not the same as Microsoft engaging.