Building Enterprise Services with Drools Rule Engine
Subject:   How to deal with the db access in Rule Engine Solution
Date:   2007-03-02 00:13:17
From:   FoxFromChina
I know all of the benefits that Drools Rule Engine provided,but I must face to one situation when I want to choose the Rule Engine Solution.As you know,in some interprise application environment,before you make a making desion using rule engine, you must get the data from other datasource(For example,database),so you must do some db access,this will be a performance issue.If we catch these data in memory,but usually these data is very large.So the result, sometimes we must give up the rule engine solution,and choose the store procedure solution in real world.How to deal with this solution?
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  • How to deal with the db access in Rule Engine Solution
    2007-03-07 08:39:08  itlogo [View]

    If I understand your question correctly, here's no reason your actionable classes invoked from the rules engine can't connect to the DB to call the stored procedure for some data it needs.

    However, if you're talking about having the rules embedded within stored procedures, then that defeats the purpose of having an external rules engine that provides configurability in decision making outside of the application--even outside of the database.
    • How to deal with the db access in Rule Engine Solution
      2007-03-18 19:17:52  FoxFromChina [View]

      The situation is almost in each business rule invoking, it must read the data from the db, you know, the db access effort is large.So I can not use the business rule engine,and use the store procedure.