Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 2
Subject:   editing user.conf versus httpd.conf file
Date:   2007-02-28 14:47:53
From:   zimboden
If you can't get SSI working on Mac OS X, try looking for a special user.config file which contains settings for sites in user folders.

I spent all morning trying to enable SSI to no avail. I was convinced my edits to the httpd.conf file weren't working. When I searched my hard drive for the string "httpd" (using unix command 'locate' since Finder's search won't see folders like "private") I came across some .conf files prepended with various usernames. I found one for myself (zimboden), so I opened it and found inside:

<Directory "/Users/zimboden/Sites/">
Options Indexes MultiViews
AllowOverride None
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

This looked awfully similar to the entries that I was editing in the httpd.conf file, so on a lark I changed the Options line to read:

Options Indexes MultiViews +Includes

and VOILA! finally SSI started working for me!

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  • editing user.conf versus httpd.conf file
    2008-01-28 09:07:27  Alabamian [View]

    Just to be explicit about what user file needs to be updated with Zimboden's sanity-saving line, you can find it in Leopard, here ...


    There you should see at least one user.conf file. Edit this puppy as per Zimboden's additions above, and watch the CGI begin.
  • editing user.conf versus httpd.conf file
    2007-11-25 11:43:06  0really [View]

    Thanks for this note. You saved my sanity.
  • editing user.conf versus httpd.conf file
    2007-02-28 14:53:35  zimboden [View]

    An additional note:

    A little piddly syntax thing:

    I've seen example for the actual include tag "directive" as
    <!--#include virtual="/includes/navigation.ssi" -->

    It is important that there is no space between the # and "include".