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  Replacing AppleScript with Ruby
Subject:   Vs rubyosa?
Date:   2007-02-28 00:56:59
From:   mezza9
Me being lazy, but what's the difference between "Rubyosa":http://rubyosa.rubyforge.org/ and rb-appscript?
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  • Vs rubyosa?
    2007-02-28 12:29:57  hhas [View]

    Both are Apple event bridges for Ruby; however, appscript is a mature, pretty much finished product that provides about the same level of flexibility, functionality and application compatibility, while RubyOSA currently isn't/doesn't. If you want, I posted a slightly longer comparison to c.s.m.p. about a month ago:


    The latest RubyOSA has addressed some of the easier issues since then (keyword arguments, osax and remote scripting support), but the rest still stand.

  • Vs rubyosa?
    2007-02-28 05:36:38  railstation [View]

    I tried rubyosa in a rails app but it didn't work.

    rb-appscript works like a dream.
    and knowing Ruby its a godsend
    to script in ruby instead of applescript