Digital Media Insider Podcast 8: A Theme Come True
Subject:   Ableton Live as a production tool?
Date:   2007-02-27 00:35:06
From:   jochenWolters
Although I followed the development of Live, I still view(ed) it as the sort of "performance sequencer" that it was billed as when it was introduced. I'm surprised that quite a few musicians and producers nowadays seem to use it as their studio production tool of choice.

Where do you see the benefits of using Live over "classic" sequencer software like Logic, Cubase, or Digital Performer for the work you do?

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  • David Battino photo Ableton Live as a production tool?
    2007-02-27 11:44:10  David Battino | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Jochen: Good question. For me, the attraction in Live is that it never stops. (Even if the computer crashes, Live boots right back up where you left off.) The right brain/left-brain division between performing and editing largely disappears because you can edit while you're cruising along. It's the first program in years that has kept me up all night playing happily.

    I also like that Live is more streamlined than traditional sequencers, though I do miss the MIDI editing on them. Perhaps that's been why most of the music I've produced in Live has been loop-based.

    For the type of podcasts I do, with numerous overlapping sound bites, something like MixMeister might work faster. I tried that on Episode 6.