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  Mac OS X Website Builder Face-Off
Subject:   sandvox vs frontpage
Date:   2007-02-25 15:55:23
From:   jphilip66
I am an apple user but still retain a windows system for frontpage 2003 to maintain my website. Always looking for a simpler package than dreamweaver for apple I located Sandvox and Rapidweaver. I have used iweb and agree with this forum that it is a joke if you have an independent host besides .mac. The program has neat features but I have purchased a website outside dot mac. I vote for Sandvox. It works for me. A few crashes are okey, afterall my windows system crashes too. Once the product releases it will be less buggy we hope. Anyway, I have found myself able to use both Sandvox AND Frontpage at the same time. Usually one software supercedes the other. Sanvox provides for Weblogs and Movies. And Frontpage does not. My webhost has provided me with UNLIMITED storage so I can now branch into weblogs and movies. And Sandvox is my choice. For now at least.
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  • sandvox vs frontpage
    2007-05-20 01:22:17  ben-jamin [View]

    i used freeway pro 4 to build a website - very easy to learn and very adaptable. drag and drop and/or use code.
  • sandvox vs frontpage
    2007-04-29 07:36:54  pseybold [View]

    Thanks.. as a Windows user moving to a Mac and in need of a tool to design a new web site, I found your comments really useful. Sandvox sounds like the best fit for what I want to do.. I am curious about your webhoster..I am also looking for a lot of storage. Can you recommend yours? Who is it?

    • sandvox vs frontpage
      2007-11-04 11:32:11  mooneypilot [View]

      I'm a dot mac user, and publish using iWeb. However, I'd like to manage a website that is currently using front page on a non-mac host.

      Can I use Sandvox to modify the Front Page site? Or do I start over?