Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 1
Subject:   Cannot edit/find "crontab" to edit
Date:   2007-02-22 08:46:42
From:   rupertreid
I followed the instructions to backup the crontab file. The next step was to edit the file. Unfortunately, pico text editor returned a message to the effect that crontab files had been moved elswhere. I am reluctant to continue because I do not wish to make any mistakes. I would be grateful if you would direct me how I should deal with this problem so that i may continue with the tutorial

Thnks and krgds Rupert

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  • Cannot edit/find "crontab" to edit
    2007-07-10 16:00:07  John! [View]

    I ran into the same problem. I'm using 10.4.9, and it instructed me to go to Server/Library/LaunchDaemons, but then told me there was no such directory.
    • Cannot edit/find "crontab" to edit
      2007-07-10 16:04:02  John! [View]

      EDIT: Reran it, and made a mistake. It redirected me to System/Library/LaunchDaemons .