Audible Books on Your iPod
Subject:   Audio books
Date:   2007-02-20 06:28:36
From:   DMarieW
I listen to A LOT of audio books and purchased the iPod so I could down load books. I was VERY disappointed to find out you can not download library books to an iPod. This was the response I received from my library: "I'm not aware of any books that can be loaded directly onto an ipod. My understanding is that Apple isn't willing to share their software with Overdrive or any other company."
I will never buy another Mac product. I wish I had purchased a cheaper MP3 that would have served my purpose. I don't want to buy a ton of books that I can't even donate when I'm done with them.
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  • Audio books
    2007-06-06 19:23:40  Sindi [View]

    Wish I had read this a couple weeks ago as I just got my mini ipod and found out that I could not download the books from the library. This was the main reason I bought it. I guess the only thing I can do now is to get the books from the library on CD and download them to ipod in this manner. Hopefully they will resolve this problem sometime in the future. But I guess I still would have bought the Ipod since my son has one and said if I have problems he can help me but if I bought another brand then forget about it.
  • Audio books
    2007-03-16 08:53:15  drivesalot [View]

    I agree 100%! In fact I'm going to take my husbands new Ipod and replace it with another device. I think it's ridiculous the price of audio books when one can download a song for 99 cents. Someone could make a fortune if only the price was right. Boo to Apple.