A mini Mac Solution
Subject:   Just Buy Tenon.
Date:   2007-02-15 16:46:14
From:   enicar
For less than the cost of your mini you could have gotten the Tenon ( ) iTools/Post.Office deal w/ a yr. of support and had a very easy to setup and use Apache 2.x, eMail, and DNS services.

Been using Tenon server products since the OS8/WebTen days w/ excellent support and minimal problems.

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  • Just Buy Tenon.
    2007-02-15 21:56:44  rdm [View]

    Tenon makes fine software products; I'm glad they are solving your problems. However, their software has to be run on some kind of hardware platform. If we spent our funds on software, we would still need to come up with hardware to run it on. So, this is not a feasible trade-off.

    More generally, alternatives such as Post.Office and Mac OS X Server all share the same problem: they're not Mac OS X. We use vanilla Mac OS X on all of our other machines; running it on our server means that we only have one set of OS vagaries to learn and remember. We find this to be a compelling advantage.