A mini Mac Solution
Subject:   Just buy Server !
Date:   2007-02-14 02:24:04
From:   andrewrennard
That was an interesting article, but really - if your time is valuable why not just pay that (relatively little) extra and buy a copy of OS X server ? Most of the things you had to configure manually have a nice GUI control on Server - plus Server has some very nice monitoring tool too.
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  • Just buy Server !
    2007-02-16 08:48:11  RvA [View]

    The tools are not great at all. They fail in many way's. If you use DNS you have to do thing by hand to do it correct. If you use Web, Rules and other things will be changed when you save them. Like upper and lowercase letters.

    The only thing what was valuable is the user and file Manager.
    But it was a waste of money. I use it now, because I have to test things. But will never buy one.
  • Just buy Server !
    2007-02-14 13:49:21  curtian4 [View]

    Doesn't Mac OS X Server prevent itself from running on a Mac Mini? Maybe that was for the G4 version, but it was at least partly why I don't run it on my Mac mini server. Maybe there's a way to hack it to work?