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Subject:   Blog example
Date:   2007-02-13 21:10:25
From:   neil4374
Has anybody got the blog example working?
I cannot attach files, nor delete blogs.???
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  • Blog example
    2007-07-16 00:22:40  SimonRyu [View]

    "deleting" is working well. And for getting "attach files" to work you should change 346 line of JackrabbitBlogEntryDAO as follow:

    StringBuffer queryStr = new StringBuffer("//blogEntry[@title = '");

    StringBuffer queryStr = new StringBuffer("//blogEntry[@blogTitle = '");
  • Blog example
    2007-06-21 01:21:41  munna01 [View]

    yes, i to got the problem, if any body gets let us know how its working.......
  • Blog example
    2007-05-19 00:25:59  26101983 [View]

    Yes i also got same problem
    we need some more clear working example
    if any body have solution please reply