Discovering a Java Application's Security Requirements
Subject:   Old wine with a new inventor
Date:   2007-02-12 06:05:23
From:   web30inventor
See, this tool from 2004 seems to be the source of this idea, and it also has a gui
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  • Old wine with a new inventor
    2007-02-12 07:14:45  ae6rt [View]

    Thanks for the comment.

    I had heard of jchains here after I had done this work

    The license for jchains looked a little unusual, so I didn't pursue using it or even really thinking about it.

    One of the readers of the post on my earlier work suggested it was possible, and that he had done so, to write a security manager to do the reporting that is the subject of the article. For a long time the idea to do so lay idle, until another reader suggested I pursue it.

    So while the idea is not original, and few ideas are, the path I took in getting there was my own. All that said, jchains looks to be very nice work, taking the concept beyond my work.