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  A New Visualization for Web Server Logs
Subject:   An example to see...
Date:   2007-02-11 23:29:33
From:   Joe

My friends at TrenchMice (http://www.trenchmice.com/)put up an example of what this looks from the flood that rolled in due to a front-page article this weekend. Pretty interesting.


There is an edit that needs to be made in the script - the line that reads:

my ($ip, undef, undef, $time, undef, undef, $url, undef) = split;

might be changed to

my ($ip, undef, undef, $time, undef, undef, $url, undef, $sc, undef) = split;

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  • A correction to my correction
    2007-02-11 23:48:05  rajuvarghese [View]

    Aaargh! I messed up the tags in my reply. It should have been...

    A $sc got lost in the displayed code. Thanks Joe for the correction. My original code was slightly different but it won't make difference from Joe's correction above.

    my ($ip, undef, undef, $time, undef, undef, $url, undef, $sc) = split;
    • A correction to your correction to your correction
      2007-02-13 03:39:36  grinder [View]

      That's a rather noisy line of code. I would sooner splice out the elements that interest me:

      my ($ip, $time, $url, $sc) = (split)[0, 3, 6, 8];