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  10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0
Subject:   ClassLoader problem
Date:   2002-08-15 06:08:58
From:   aanno
While ClassLoader problems occur frequently to the uninitiated, it is simply unpossible to make this simpler. The ClassLoader issue is deeply coupled with Java Security, because it is the ClassLoader that associates the ProtectionDomain with a Class. It simply is the _right_ thing that B is not an instance of A when they are loaded by different ClassLoaders. If it would be different, you could compromise A by simply extending it.
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  • ClassLoader problem
    2002-08-28 14:10:57  bjsyd70 [View]

    I wonder how much of this could be resolved by just improving the diagnostic message, so you could instantly see what was going on.

    Is the solution difficult to determine, or is the problem difficult to diagnose?

    Classes which use Class.forName often can not be shared by multiple .war files.

    What about using a 'getCaller' method?

    i.e. getCaller().getClass().getClass(name);

    The runtime information must be there so the exception stack trace works.