Java Web Development with Stripes
Subject:   Persistence in Stripes
Date:   2007-02-03 01:34:08
From:   gars.Lolo
I still haven't found any sample including persistence of beans to a database in a Stripes web app.
Could we simply use JPA or do we have to work with Spring DAO over Hibernate? i think these 2 solutions are possible...if you have explanations or ressources, they are welcome.

Good introduction to Stripes.

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  • Persistence in Stripes
    2007-02-05 05:27:01  mjeagle [View]

    I am not sure if you can use JPA directly without a service layer. The example in this article describes how to inject Spring services in your Stripes action that can interact with Hibernate, or JPA, DAO objects.

    If this is not how you want to work with your persistent objects you might want to consider
    Stripernate ( . This framework has capabilities to bind Hibernate entities into Stripes actions.
  • Persistence in Stripes
    2007-03-07 06:42:44  Taylor Cowan | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    I believe any java persistence mechanism that can be used within a servlet engine can be used with stripes. I've been using prevayler.

    For Spring you'd read docs regarding SpringDAO/servlet container integration. Same for hibernate and JPA.