Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   Reading the Discs
Date:   2007-02-02 22:53:37
From:   chrismac
I recently purchased the mac operating system for use with this emulator. I installed all other components, but could not get my computer (sony vaio) to read anything off the mac disc. I installed mac drive, but still nothing. Is there anything I need to do after the instalation of mac drive to make the discs apear in my computer, thanks.
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  • Reading the Discs
    2007-02-13 18:00:27  mr.element [View]

    Download transmac from aka cnet it will let you read the disk and burn an image file onto your cpu through the tools section of the program.
    its is 30 days for free and then 40 bucks to buy but i dont think ill ever have any use for it again.