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  ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Creating a new schema or new tables on Pointbase DB
Date:   2002-08-14 22:38:17
From:   roman_rm
I was wondering if there was in the Coldfusion administrator a tool for creating databases (like cfsnippets) or at least tables in Pointbase. I suppose it is possible to write ColdFusion code to create tables and populate them with the initial data, but I was wondering if there was a tool somewhere in the administrative interface where you could run SQL commands to do this (I looked around but couldn't find one).

Does anyone know?


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  • Creating a new schema or new tables on Pointbase DB
    2002-08-15 03:01:56  btickle [View]

    Sorry I don't think there is. I use two tools for creating databases, tables and perfoming sql requests on Mac. The first is webmin. This is an invaluable tool for general service administration and for locally hosted mysql databases. Go to www.webmin.com
    Table creation and sql code writing I use MacSQL 2.2.3 from runtime labs (www.rtlabs.com). I can then cut and paste the code from MacSQL straight into my coldfusion queries; it works very well indeed.