Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   Mac OS X
Date:   2007-01-27 16:54:32
From:   moldyheady
Can someone email me their Os X image?

I cant find one anywhere.. I know you have to buy one... but its too expensive. Someone send it to please. This would greatly please me. I also tried to torrent it, but it takes way too long. Expected estimation time was 4 days and somethin'. Someone please help me. I need imovie for a school project. This would greatly please me.

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  • Mac OS X
    2008-04-03 15:28:06  yogutslygee [View]

    can I also have one emailed to me @ please this would greatly please me. I have tried to torrent it as well etc with no success you guys will rock if you help me out you know!!! I want to make my pear pc work!!