Review: Olympus DS-2 Stereo Voice Recorder
Subject:   Meeting Room
Date:   2007-01-22 15:02:29
From:   Shelbyjean
Response to: Meeting Room

I read your DS-2 review. Sounds like my DS-2 (bought Dec '06) is a lemon. (1)Batteries would drain just from sitting 1-2 days--Olympus said that's normal--so had to take batteries out between uses.
(2)I tried using the DS-2 to digitize audio tapes via a Radio Shack connecting cord, but the recordings drag. Didn't notice it right away but when I timed it, I found they were several seconds per minute slower than the recorded source. I ruled out all other possible causes - cord vs air, usb connection, listening on computer vs ds-2, & using different tape decks. (3) Could never use stereo settings with cord because the sound was incredibly harsh with extra noise no matter what the volume. (4) When I did attempt stereo settings, my understanding was it would still be recorded in mono.

Olympus would not budge on the 1-yr warranty although I was just 2 weeks beyond when formally complaining. The battery issue I complained about midway thru warranty but put up with it since they said it was normal.

Still need a way to digitize tapes, so am currently on hold.

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  • David Battino photo Meeting Room
    2007-01-22 17:54:56  David Battino | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    @Shelbyjean: Sorry to hear about your recording problems.
    1. Did you set the DS-2 to Hold or Off mode between uses? On my WS-200S, which uses just one battery, the charge lasts for weeks. And what type of batteries are you using?
    2. Did you have the Variable Control Voice Actuator (VVCA) activated? That would have changed the recording length by omitting silences, but would also have made the recording shorter, not maybe you do have a dud.
    3. As noted below, I had to turn the output level of the source way down to avoid distortion at the DS-2 input when recording.
    4. Also as noted below, the DS-2 wouldn't be my first choice for digitizing line-level sources because of its automatic gain control and data compression. I'd go directly into the computer instead, ideally using an external audio interface.
    • Meeting Room
      2007-01-23 15:59:07  Shelbyjean [View]

      Thanks for responding. 1) The choices are ON or HOLD, so I always put it on hold between uses. I did switch to lithium and then rechargeable and that worked better. 2) The VVCA was not activated.

      So now I need to educate myself about an external audio interface and use the DS-2 for other purposes. Thanks again.