What Is Web 2.0
Subject:   Quotation
Date:   2007-01-05 06:58:01
From:   Wybourne
I am an equity analyst at Charles Stanley, a private client stockbroker based in London and covering only UK stocks in a number of sectors including tech. I would very much like to draw on your article "What is Web 2.0" . I would propose to include the following: "This note draws heavily, with his permission, on an article publsihed in September 2005 by Tim O'Reilly, an authoritative commentator who coined the phrase Web 2.0 in 2004, and available on ."

The note would be sent to our clients. It is also distributed to the press, following which you might get a few queries or hits as they may not be fully up to speed. Which you may or may not welcome!

Kind regards

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  • Tim O'Reilly photo Quotation
    2007-01-05 10:53:28  Tim O'Reilly | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Wybourne, you're more than welcome to do this. Good luck with your piece. (In fact, I'd love it if you'd send me a copy. tim at oreilly dotcom )
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      2007-01-08 07:34:39  Wybourne [View]

      No problem, will certainly do so.