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  ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 2
Subject:   Feeling like we're almost there, there is just one thing...
Date:   2002-08-11 23:13:01
From:   roman_rm
Hello there,

thanks for sharing wih us your experience with running (hacked, but running!) ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X. I am helping my friend set it up on his OS X server -- I have a Solaris background, so I am a little familiar with some of the UNIX stuff that macheads have just been exposed to with OS X.

So far, I have done the following:
-gotten a copy of Coldfusion MX (eval for the moment)
-successfully installed on a Solaris box (it runs there)
-TARred up the install directory and moved it over to the MAC OS X box (using FTP)
-untarred it here in same location (/opt/coldfusionmx) and checked permissions
-changed the user in the configuration file to the user it will run on the Mac OS X box
-ran into some trouble about Darwin being unsupported, so I went into the "coldfusion" script and modified code to allow Darwin in (as Solaris)
-ran into some trouble about Coldfusion being already started, so I commented out that part of the script code

it says it is running, but it isn't. I checked the server log files, and found that Darwin does not understand the commands the script uses to set environment variables (PATH and another one). More troubling, there is another error message about the binary not being the right format.

What next? I can read a manual and figure out the env variables piece (and the export), but not sure where to go from there. Any help from someone who has done this would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Feeling like we're almost there, there is just one thing...
    2002-08-12 14:04:25  dicklacara [View]

    Several things:

    1) Part 3 describes what you need to do to make the port -- it was published on the 9th at:


    2) You can't use the shell script provided by MacroMedia for several reasons:

    You need to use the OS X JVM/JRE instead of the one installed.

    OS X will not run several non-MacOS C++ programs

    You must set environment variables based on OS X rather than Solaris

    You must put certain files (e.g. jdbc drivers) where OS X Java can find them

    3) I did not try the port with the Solaris version of CFMX so I don't know if that will port, at all.

    What is most troubling is that you are setting it up on a Server box!

    Are you planning to use the port as a production server?

    If so, you will be disappointed:

    The Trial version reverts to a Developer version in 30 days.

    The Developer version supports localhost and one external IP address

    The port will only work with the Macromedia-supplied standalone web server

    The standalone web server is not robust enough to support a production environment.

    Apache, or any other web requires another non-MacOS C++ program (not available).

    The port is not supported by MacroMedia

    • Feeling like we're almost there, there is just one thing...
      2002-08-13 23:39:32  roman_rm [View]

      Hey Dick,

      Thank you for your reply - I am glad that the article is finally here! I've already started on the article and I thin it will provide me with the information I will need to complete this.

      The server box I am setting this in is definitely not a production environment -- any IT professional knows not to use unsupported software in production.

      I will post my results with Solaris here -- it may be a nice piece of information to add to your research.