Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   Problem
Date:   2006-12-25 11:19:40
From:   Paty77
I have a problem, i did all the things but it don'T work I hear the song but the video look like a blocked channel???


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  • Problem
    2007-01-02 06:41:37  Rivermaker [View]

    I was having the same problem and I tried another cable (another one that came with my camcorder) and it worked a treat. The first cable works fine with other equipment.

    If you are having problems and haven't tried a different cable - PLEASE DO!

    I hope that helps some get past this hurdle and enjoy the ipod tv out feature.
  • Problem
    2006-12-30 06:25:59  rickmaack [View]

    did you get an answer to this. I am having the same problem.