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  10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0
Subject:   How it could be done
Date:   2002-08-08 12:11:57
From:   vahur
To maintain backward compatibility, Java 3 could have a mechanism to switch between new and old implementations. It could be as simple as switching runtime class libraries and jvm implementations for single application and old jvm and runtime could be taken from older Java 2 implementation (probably bug fixed etc.). Something has to be done about Swing, it can just as well be replaced with eclipse's SWT or a library with similar approach. In many cases Swing applications have sub-par UI performance and look too different from native windowing system, confusing users and as an example, looking outdated on Windows XP. The Look & Feel idea in Swing is good and could resolve the looks problem but to build a new layer on top of something so heavy already, will only make user experience worse.
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  • How it could be done
    2004-01-08 06:56:49  anonymous2 [View]

    Shut up stoopidhead.

    Look and Feel implementations REPLACE the standard look and feel, they are not ON TOP of it. That destroys that argument, but thanks for posting ANOTHER stupid comment against Swing with no idea how it works.

    On another "point" you make - Swing is good because it tries to produce a UI from reasonably good, extensible and flexible principles - hence the ability to have custom models, renderers, selections etc. on most components. It has had some teething troubles and loses speed because of this. This is basically also an EXACT description of Java itself - if you want to do stuff really quickly and exactly like the native OS, but with no flexibility and more bugs, just go get a different language that meets the requirements you have. Putting a one-trick-dog UI like SWT on Java is just a waste of time, and any effort from Sun to use it will just make it take longer to completely sort out Swing.