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  Advanced MySQL Replication Techniques
Subject:   Circle Replication Question (infinite loops?)
Date:   2006-12-05 21:29:21
From:   i_h_m
In circular replication A->B->C->D->A

What keeps a bin log event from propogating indefinitely?

E.g. If A was updated... that update gets repeated in B, then C, then D, --- When the same update event gets sent back to A, how does A know to not execute that update?


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  • Giuseppe Maxia photo Circle Replication Question (infinite loops?)
    2006-12-05 23:51:19  Giuseppe Maxia | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Read carefully. The article explains it.

    "The option replicate-same-server-id has the purpose of avoiding infinite replication loops, effectively telling each node to ignore from its master's binary log any statement that originated with its own server ID."