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Subject:   key problem with Remote Desktop Connection
Date:   2006-12-05 12:02:41
From:   LifeOfReilly
After successfully making a remote desktop connection (using XP) I sometimes find that the Shift and Ctrl keys no longer work. If I goof around a bit with the Ctrl key on another screen the use of the Shift and Ctrl keys returns. Then after a while they stop working again. This happens quite often and really becomes a nuisance. Any thoughts?
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  • key problem with Remote Desktop Connection
    2007-03-14 09:27:48  ernestdcook [View]

    Thank you for your post. I am experiancing a simular issue but I am using Vista to connect to to SBS network over remote desktop. ACK, I can't get anything done this way since even an e-mail needs the shift key to get the @...

    Anybody that knows of a fix for this, please help!
    • key problem with Remote Desktop Connection
      2007-04-12 14:27:33  Bleachy [View]

      I'm using Vista and have the same problem when connecting to my work XP Pro machine. I think it's to do with Remote Desktop 6.

      I've solved it like this...

      If you've got access to a Windows XP machine, copy the files for Remote Desktop 5.1.2600.2180 - mstsc.exe and mstscax.dll (and the help file if you want) onto your (Vista) machine (I've put them in a different directory). Then run this mstsc.exe and you should find your problem is solved. If you've upgraded the XP machine to version 6 of remote desktop (like me) the 5.1 files should still be on there just search for them under C:\Windows.

      Hope this helps,