X11 and OpenOffice on Mac OS X
Subject:   X11 and Open Office
Date:   2006-12-04 11:24:19
From:   Andy_C
Response to: X11 and Open Office

Okay, after some further searching I figured it out for myself. David, if you or anyone else still need some help getting open office to run then shoot me an e-mail.
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  • X11 and Open Office
    2007-02-09 07:33:50  Josh89 [View]

    hello there im trying to download office 4 my mum. please could you inform me on how you install open office and x11 as i have been experiencing the same problems as david and others who have been posting messages, so if you could let me know what to do and where im going wrong it would be much appreciated! i have a mac OS X 10.4.8.
    email address

  • X11 and Open Office
    2006-12-29 14:52:51  ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [View]

    well andy c you said you figured out the solution for the problem that newer software already excist could you mail it to me.
    i'am new here and don't know of you can figure out my email and i don't know how te send you an email.
    but if you would help me i would be very thankfull
  • X11 and Open Office
    2006-12-06 15:14:04  ssinghpa [View]

    I am having the exact same problem installing X11. I can't find X11 anywhere on my hard disk and can't get it to install either.

    Your solution would be much appreciated.