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Subject:   Hover remains active
Date:   2006-12-03 16:28:42
From:   bilbo--baggins
Response to: Hover remains active

>>>Firstly, great article. It works perfectly except
>>>that when I mouse-over in a downward position, >>>the mouse-over state remains instead of returning
>>>to the inactive state. Using IE 6 SP2. Any ideas?

Has anyone worked out a solution to this bug in Explorer 6? I too find that as you move the mouse down the menu the 'over' state remains on. Moving the mouse up the menu reverts them back to normal.

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  • Hover remains active
    2007-06-20 07:07:50  spookytay [View]

    I too was having this problem, but followed some ideas on this site and now it works correctly in all browsers.

    I guess you have to add something to the
    a:hover part in your css code. I just used text-decoration: none; since none of my links need to be underlined, and all my image hovers work flawlessly.